Designing The Perfect Feature Wall For Your Home

A feature wall is a wall that’s used to add emphasis to other elements within the room, such as furniture, lighting and artwork. When designed correctly a feature wall can instantly add color and vibrancy to your interior décor, accentuating different features in your home while creating an aesthetic focal point.

There’s a reason why feature walls have become so popular in the past few years. They’re endlessly versatile, and don’t necessarily require you to be an expert in interior design. Sometimes all it takes is some creative thinking and a little bit of elbow grease. So, whether you just bought your first home and want to spruce things up or are ready to remodel, here are some things to consider when designing the perfect feature wall for your home.

Wallpaper or paint

The most basic way to create a feature wall is to simply use paint or wallpaper to separate one wall from the rest of the room. To do this all you need is a blank wall, paint, or a roll of paper, and you can easily create a stunning wall of your own. It’s a project that’s easy to do, and it can be done in virtually any style. This is one of the easiest ways to create character in a room. Consider carefully the color scheme you intended to work with in order to get the most out of this process.


Maybe you already have had one removed or are looking at fitting a new one in your home, fireplaces are a great place to start when thinking about a feature wall. Designing your feature wall with your fireplace at its center is a great idea and grants you a variety of design options. Creating a feature wall around your fireplace is likely to create an impressive focal point that blends function with style. It is also worth considering how a fireplace can help save money heating your home. Perhaps for a little extra money you might consider installing a log burning stove and heating your home via log delivery for long term financial benefits. 


It may be worth considering a theme when designing your feature wall in order to create something more unique. For example, if you are someone who loves to travel, you could create a wall out of travel-related items like maps, postcards, passports, travel brochures. You can use photos of friends and loved ones to create a feature wall if you want to add a personal touch to your home. Creating a feature wall out of items that reflect your lifestyle can be a great way to add something special to a room.

Though designing a feature wall is probably not an essential job to cross off your list when moving into a new home, it is a job definitely worth considering if you want to create a warm and inviting decor in your house. In designing a feature wall, the choices are endless, whether your budget is large or small. A properly designed feature wall can really take the look and feel of a room up to the next level.

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