How to Revamp Your Home For A Classic Aesthetic

Buying a new home as per your precise tastes isn’t always possible, considering having a customized property can cost you a lot more. If you find a property with wonderful architecture that you can imagine yourself living in, or already have a property that needs redesigning, this blog is for you. Today, we will discuss five tips that can help you give your home a classic style, as per your definition of what classic means to you!

1) Work with a neutral color palette

Colors play an essential role in the way your home looks externally and internally. Since classic-style homes give out the aura of light yet royal living space, make sure that the walls are a nice neutral shade. This will also help your indoor space look more spacious, especially if you’re working with limited square footage. A neutral palette will also let you add more dimension and depth with the help of accessories.

2) Add some bold furniture

Your choice of furniture will define the space and how it looks. For a classic home, settle for warm colors, leathers, and fabrics that give your home space a distinct vibe. You can also give your home a classic yet gothic touch by introducing deep reds, maroons, and blacks. Adding greyscale furniture and bedding to your selection can help you bring a monochrome touch to the living space, which works well for those who love having a classic yet minimalist style.

3) Get classic artwork

A home without any artwork looks like an unfinished canvas. If you wish to bring some life to your property, invest in some authentic paintings or photographs to give your home more character. One of the most impressive works noticed in this genre is Sally Mann photos, which exude an aura that will make your home look more welcoming and rustic. Rather than getting prints, you could also order original copies to have one-of-a-kind artwork embellishing your home.

Investing in antique décor can also be a surefire way to give any home an air of royalty. The best antique silver is especially regal, with intricate patterns and luxurious engravings – perfect for setting the mood of an opulent abode. The grandiose manner of antique pieces brings a timeless sophistication to any home, making it feel not only inviting, but majestic. Whether it’s antique furniture, antique kitchenware or painted porcelain, antique items create an ambience of extravagance and old-world charm like no modern piece could ever offer. A few well placed antique pieces sprinkled around your house can have the power to relive the romance and glamor of a time gone by.

4) Dramatic lighting

If we’ve learned anything about real estate and architecture, lighting changes 70% of the game. Focusing on certain corners, bringing out a few angles, and emphasizing a few shapes can make your home look like an entirely different space when the sun goes down. Classic homes are usually considered vanilla but are far from the truth. If you’re a homeowner that likes some flair to your decor, use natural lighting and installations to your leverage.

5) Woodwork and symmetry in the structure

One of the key differences between classic and abstract homes is the visible symmetry. While abstract homes showcase angles and unconventional edges, classic homes keep things symmetrical and smooth. The seamless flow of colors, textures, and light are the characteristics you need to aim to emphasize. Taking the help of an expert interior designer would help you a lot.

Bonus tip: Make a mood board for inspiration

Several homeowners struggle to create clear concepts while redesigning their homes. So, using mood boards is an ideal lifeline in this instance where you can compile styles and accents you’d like to work with.

Wrapping Up:

Styling a home from scratch or revamping it can take a considerable amount of time and effort. However, if you don’t know what you want, taking a look at home decor and designs online and in magazines can be helpful. Combined with our tips, you will be able to have the easiest transition, which is what we all aim for while restructuring our living space!

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