The 5 Best Bunk Beds for Timeless Style

Bunk beds are fantastic for sleepovers and sleeping two kids in one bedroom, but without timeless style, your child will grow out of them.

The trick to extending the usable life of bunk beds (and, in turn, saving money) is choosing bunk beds that your children will enjoy for a decade. This means considering the usability of the bed when your kid is over the age of twelve.

Questions to ask yourself include will the bunk beds still look good in high school? And will they continue providing enough space?

Thinking about these things will save you money, and several bunk beds offer solutions for children of all ages. This article reveals the five best bunk beds for timeless style – bunk beds your child can use from age six into their teenage years.

Let’s jump in!

  1. Julian Bowen Bella Wooden Bunk Bed

The Julian Bowen Bella (pictured above) offers the timeless aesthetic you’re looking for – modern colours, clean lines, and a beautifully panelled footboard. It’s the perfect bed for children and teenagers!

The MDF/pine frame is rock-solid, and building it takes around half an hour if you have a cordless drill and Allen/hex bits.

We’re partial to the grey version, which is close to charcoal in colour, but the white version offers the cleanest look, perfect for younger children.

  1. Julian Bowen Domino Triple

The Julian Bowen Domino Triple is a modern bunk bed perfect for children aged six to teenage years because the bottom bunk is a small double. Small doubles are 30cm wider than singles, offering more sleeping space.

Pictured: Julian Bowen Domino Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – White

Another one of this bed’s fantastic features is the built-in shelves on both levels, giving your kid space for books, games, and bits and bats.

The Domino Triple is also available in grey for a modern look, and the MDF frame is built to last with a weight limit of 250kg.

  1. Flair Flick Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed

If you like the look of the Domino Triple, you’ll love the Flair Flick Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed, which also has a small double bottom bunk.

The Flair Flick has a fancy two-tone design (grey and white) with shelves built into the bed for books and games. It also has an under-bed drawer that pulls out on wheels – perfect for pyjamas, magazines, and art supplies.

We adore this bed’s two-tone design, high-quality materials, and wide bed ladder, which provides a stable platform for young children.

Pictured: Flair Flick Triple Sleeper Bunk Bed – Grey

  1. Serene Oslo 3FT Single Metal Bunk Bed

When it comes to timeless bunk beds, simpler is always better. The Serene Oslo achieves just that with a black metal tubular frame and a spindle design headboard and footboard – no frills, just a simple and clean design.

This bunk bed is perfect for younger and older children, and the metal frame fits perfectly in every bedroom thanks to being thinner than a wooden frame.

We recommend the ‘Serene Oslo for sleepovers and bedroom sharing. It lacks shelves and drawers but also has fewer features that can fail. The aluminium metal frame is held together by bolts and will last a lifetime.

This bunk bed is also available in silver.  

Pictured: Serene Oslo 3FT Single Metal Bunk Bed – Black

  1. Naples WB2001 Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed

We end our list with a modern classic

Pictured: Naples Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed.

The Naples WB2001 Hudson Wooden Bunk Bed has a classical hardwood frame and a natural finish, making it perfect for every kid’s bedroom. The straight-slatted headboard and footboard give it a contemporary, timeless style.

Our favourite feature of the Naples Hudson is the ability to separate the bunk beds, giving you two twins/singles for ultimate modularity. 

This is a fantastic solution for children and teenagers. No other bunk bed is as suited to lasting over a decade.

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