The Colour Purple in Home Decor and Interior Design Wall Art

According to Color Psychology, colors can powerfully impact people’s moods and behaviors. Of course, each color has its own effect, but it can produce feelings based on culture and experience. For instance, purple is among those colors that can generate different emotions, feelings,  and associations.

Purple can calm and stimulate your body, putting it in the proper place for focused insights. It encourages creativity by reviving your senses to make intuitive observations. In addition, it creates a harmonious balance between peace and awareness.

Purple Color Meaning

While discussing the meaning of the purple color, it is necessary to recognize the role of different biological factors. They help you in deciding what exactly the purple color states. Several biological factors impact how your brain perceives the purple color. Some of them include light, vision, and your interpretation of color representation.

Other factors that can lead to your perception of the purple color are its purity, hue, level of saturation, and brightness. These factors play into the wavelength, frequency, and energy linked to the purple color.

Impact of Purple Color in Home Décor

Due to its intriguing depth, the dark purple shade leads to irritation, sadness, and frustration in the space. In addition, it boasts a highly rough and rugged atmosphere. Therefore, it is necessary to use a proportionate quantity of color and not to overdo it. Also, it can infuse a lot of ego and friction if you match it with the wrong tone.

Generally, purple is a smooth color and makes the space peaceful and relaxing. In addition, it nurtures royalness, so the liver of a home feels pompous and incredible.

Ways to Decorate Home with Purple Color 

Though purple stands among the easy colors, it can act strange if you combine it with bright shades, like dark green. Their incompatible combination can affect your space’s peace,  balance, and harmony. Thus, use color smartly while decorating the home. The following are some ways to decorate your home with purple color:

  • Create a Purple Accent Wall

Create an accent wall to make your interiors more exciting. For instance, while creating a purple accent wall, you can either paint a wall or make beautiful patterns with purple color. This color blends well with different seasons. So, you can keep it on the walls all year round. In this way, you can make the interiors look stylish.

  • Hang Purple Artwork

Purple wall art is an excellent way to make your room stand out.  In fact, by adding purple art pieces, you can give a great conversation topic to family and friends.  There are various types of purple wall art to choose from.

For instance, you can display exquisite, adorable, and pretty floral wall art in purple color. It will bring tranquility and inspiration to your space. Or you can hang a purple metal wall art to add texture and depth to your room.

  • Purple Lighting Fixtures

Another way to integrate the purple color into your room is to add lighting fixtures. There are various good options available in the market like wall sconces, wall lamps, etc. Of course, you can look for models with simple designs. But it will give an intricate look and show off its true richness with purple color.

The purple color has exotic and mysterious vibes. So, it is natural to link its dynamic characteristics with beautiful Moroccan-style lanterns.

  • Purple Patterned Tapestry

Fabric art pieces with purple shades can easily give a focal point to the room. So, if you don’t want to paint the walls, it is better to skip that idea entirely. Instead, you can look for a tapestry with colorful patterns. It will bring an exquisite flair to your home. Also, the patterned motifs can complement almost all kinds of interior design styles. 

In addition, it is easy to clean and adds a superb decorative dimension. Finally, it provides a pleasant and comforting look.


Purple color has numerous qualities, including insight, power, and tenderheartedness. So, with its undeniable beauty and uplifting spirit, this color attracts everyone quickly.

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