3 Unconventional Ways to Lose Weight

Weight loss can be challenging as it requires persistence, patience, and discipline. It is often viewed by many as a journey instead of a destination, as it doesn’t only end at losing weight but maintaining your new physique. It’s important to consider this while working towards your weight loss goals because reports show that people who successfully lose weight often regain two-thirds of it after a year. So, if you find yourself trapped in a cycle of extreme workouts and fad diets, these unconventional methods backed by science can make a difference in your weight loss journey.

  1. Moderate exposure to cold

It’s good to sweat it out in the gym and feel the heat coursing through your veins. However, science also confirms that cold temperatures stimulate weight loss thanks to a process called thermogenesis, which is a natural mechanism and not new to the human body. Your body uses thermogenesis to generate heat in an effort to maintain its core temperature. Therefore, when your body is exposed to cold environments, it is compelled to work harder to produce heat, burning calories in the process. Outdoor activities like winter sports are excellent ways to increase your body’s metabolism while promoting fat loss. You can also use cold water baths or immerse yourself in cold packs to stimulate fat burning. This method activates brown fat to burn calories, generate internal body heat, and aid with weight loss. According to science, brown fat breaks down glucose and fat molecules to generate heat. However, white fat stores extra energy and fat cells, and too much of it increases obesity risk. Therefore, brown fat is your buddy in your weight loss journey.

  1. Use slimming anti-cellulite cream

Cellulite often has a dimple-like appearance on the skin’s surface. Although it has no specific treatment, certain products can decrease their appearance, boost your skin’s visual appeal, and contribute to your weight loss goals. Many topical creams claim to help with weight loss, making it challenging to determine the most authentic product. Therefore, it’s best to find a slimming anti-cellulite cream that really works for you and is backed by scientific research. This non-invasive weight loss method has been tried by many, who report seeing an improvement in cellulite appearance on their skin. But the secret to desirable outcomes is consistent use or as instructed by the manufacturer. Do not expect to see overnight results since these topical applications need time to work as they should.

  1. Eat spicy food a few times a week

As unconventional as this step may seem, there is a scientific element to it. Most spicy foods contain a compound called capsaicin, which can be found in peppers and chillis. Capsaicin is known to slightly boost metabolism and suppress appetite. So, you can be sure that your cravings for sweet, fatty, and highly salted foods will diminish on the days you incorporate spicy foods into your diet. All it takes is to add chopped peppers to your stir-fries or sprinkle some cayenne pepper on roasted vegetables before consuming them. Interestingly, capsaicin increases thermogenesis in the body to create a doubled metabolism effect for weight loss.

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