Travelling with Your Dog? Don’t Forget These Things

Traveling with family members is a phenomenal experience. The same goes for journeying with chums. But have you tried traveling with your furry friend? If you have, good for you! We bet it was memorable. However, we advise you to try it out if you haven’t. 

Traveling with your four-legged friend offers a unique experience. It has the potential to strengthen your bond while exploring gorgeous places, including pet-centric spots.  

But, before you pack your bags and embark on a journey with your dog, there are some things you should never forget to take along.

Here are five important things you shouldn’t forget when traveling with your dog.

1. A pet travel harness or crate

One of the most important things to take along on your trip is a dog travel harness or a crate. These restraints help keep your dogs in check while traveling, thus making it impossible for them to distract you while driving—less distraction when driving reduces the risk of accidents.

Ensure you don’t retrain your dogs in the front seat, as the airbags can suffocate them in a crash. To protect your dogs while traveling, we recommend buying high-quality harnesses and travel crates that are crash-test certified.

2. A pet first aid kit

While we don’t wish for our dog to get injured while traveling, it’s important you plan for such an occurrence. And one of the best ways to do that is by traveling with a pet first aid kit.

You can buy a pet first aid kid online or prepare one yourself. Here are some of the items a standard pet first aid kit should have:

● Adhesive tape

● Cotton balls or swabs

● Absorbent gauze pads

● Ice packs

● Tweezers

● Disposable gloves

● Oral syringe

● Small flashlight

● Antibiotic ointment

● Alcohol wipes

● Styptic powder

● Saline eye solution

● Artificial tear gel

When you arrive at your destination, you can include the name and contact details of the local animal hospital in your first aid kit.

3. Dog food to keep your dog occupied

Due to changes in the environment, it’s possible that your dog might become bored after arriving at your travel destination. To brighten your dog up, we recommend taking meals that don’t only excite its taste buds and give it the nutrients it needs but keeps it occupied as well.

One such dog food is bully sticks. And what is a bully stick? A bully stick is a chew treat made from beef muscle. It’s easily digestible and helps promote healthy dog teeth. It is also available in different shapes, types, and sizes.  

4. A dog travel bag organizer

Organization is key when traveling with your furry friend. And what better way to organize your dog stuff than traveling with a dog travel bag organizer? 

With a dog travel bag, you can keep your furry friend’s items in one place. Such an arrangement makes it easy to locate items without scattering your entire luggage.

5. A travel water bowl and container

Trips—especially long road trips on a hot day—can dehydrate your dog. And if it persists, it can lead to loss of consciousness and kidney failure. To ensure your dog remains hydrated throughout the journey, carry a travel water bowl with you. This container, which is portable, and doesn’t take up space like typical bottled water, is perfect for dogs on the go. The best part? They are designed to prevent spills and water splashes in the car.


An adventure or trip with your dog can be a memorable experience or one marred with many hiccups. It all boils down to how well you prepare. While this list offers a general scope of what to take when traveling with your furry friend, you can personalize it based on your dog’s needs.

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