How To Create A Space-Saving And Fun Shared Bedroom For Your Kids

If you have limited space and your kids share a room, or they enjoy one another’s company and want to stay together in the same room, you may run into some limitations with the available space. You do not have to worry. Just keep reading to learn a few quick and easy tips on how to save space and make your kids’ room the best it can be.

Elevate Their Sleeping Situation

Kids seem to love bunk beds. Whether they are on the top or bottom bunk, it is just fun. They are great for sleepovers, too. Let them help personalise their beds once they are all set up. Place a canopy over the top bunk and a curtain around the bottom bunk for maximum fun and a little extra privacy. They will love having a space all their own.

One of the best parts of upgrading to a bunk bed for your kid’s room is that their room seems to grow in size almost immediately. This means there is extra real estate to play and enjoy their room instead of being frustrated at the lack of space.

Create a Reading Space

Books are the best, according to most kids. If your kids really enjoy getting lost in a fun book, then creating a reading space within their room is a perfect idea. This becomes an easier task once their new bunk beds are in place, as there will be more space to work with.

Choose a corner of their room and make it fun by adding small shelves or a bookcase to hold their beloved books. Add art, wall decor, or paint the wall space above the reading area to designate it as a different area than the rest of the room. Place some comfortable chairs or bean bags along with a pillow or two, and your kids will never want to leave.

Watch this video to learn a few quick and easy ways to create a reading space within your children’s room.

Control the Stuffies

A messy room is not an inviting one, even for your kids, and when the mess is all theirs. Finding creative ways to corral their belongings, especially stuffies, can be a challenge but it does not have to be. No matter what size room your kids have, there are ways to make everything fit.

Start by assessing their beloved stuffy collection. Next, hang a stuffed animal hammock at an accessible height in a corner of their room. This way, the stuffies are removed from the floor but are still visible. Another solution is to purchase a stuffed animal bean bag storage chair cover. The bonus with this option is that instead of filling the chair cover with ‘beans’, you use your child’s stuffies as filling. This gives them another place to sit in their room, perhaps in the reading area, and stores their stuffies safely.

A shared bedroom does not have to be a pain point for your kids. Embrace space-saving ideas and let them help you make fun changes to make their room comforting, inviting, and the best it can be.

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