Most Unique Transport Options for Your Family Trip

Family trips are usually filled with cries of ‘Are we there yet?’. To make the journey as thrilling a part of the trip as your destination, and to make sure that your children never get bored of getting from A to B, here’s a guide to some of the most unique transport options for your next family trip, including some that you might travel far just to experience.

·       Husky Sled

If you’re a lover of cold climates and adore animals, there’s no better transport option than a husky sled, which will allow you to hurtle through the snow pulled by a pack of well-trained husky dogs. Not only this, but this is an experience that you’ll only be able to enjoy in the freezing and snowy frontiers of northern countries like Finland.

You might even pair this husky ride with a trip to Santa’s village or to see the Northern Lights. If you want to go one step further and really get into the festive spirit, you might even opt for a reindeer sled ride instead, which can make you feel like the great St. Nick himself.

·       Gulet Hulls

For those who are passionate about the wide, open sea and are always looking for new ways to explore it, gulets are the way to go. These wooden boats will allow you to sit back and take in the sights while travelling on a traditional mode of transport that was first developed along the Aegean coast.

By travelling on one today, you’ll be able to feel as if you’ve been blasted straight back into the past, and experience how people used to get from island to island. Not only this, but this is a great way of getting up close and personal with the dazzlingly blue and glistening waters of Turkey. This means that you should search around for a great Turkish gulet that can ensure that your trip starts with a bang today.

·       Historic Cable Cars

Although you might be used to hopping onto modern trams to get to work and run errands in the city, there’s nothing as wonderful as stepping onto a historic cable car that has been preserved to run exactly as it once did. You can find some of the best examples of these in San Francisco.

However, if you want to go one step further, you might even decide to go on an aerial tramway that can allow you to quickly and easily traverse mountains and experience life from the air with minimal risk involved.

·       Horse Riding

For those who want to combine sports and animals in their next holiday, horse riding is their best bet, although you might need a few lessons if you’re a beginner. Horse riding on holiday can allow you to tour rural areas in an exciting and active way, while creating a bond with the animal that you’re riding on.

However, you should always make sure that you wear protective gear when you’re riding a horse. If you want to enjoy horse-powered travel without having to sit on one of these beasts yourself, you should consider looking out for historical and yet family-friendly horse and carriage rides.

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